Dear Colleagues,

We undertook the task given to us by the Orthopedic Trauma Branch of TOTBID and organized the first Intramedullary Nailing Course between 17 - 20 January 2008 and the second between 15 - 18 January 2009 in Çeşme, İzmir. 3rd Basic and 1st Advanced Intramedullary Nailing Course was held in Kusadasi between 21 – 24 January 2010. Our aim, as the organizing committee is to ensure the continuing success of these meetings.

Last year it was very hard for us to manage the course with 150 participants and 53 lecturers/trainers, 17 of whom were foreign. The total time for practical exercises were 20 hours, and theoretical lectures were 13 hours. The workshops and the theoretical lectures took up 4 days but with difficulties. The program for the fourth course is almost ready and it seems that it will be a dense one.

Last year we had participants from Belgium, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Küntscher Society has expressed their interest to hold a joint meeting. This year’s course is organized with the support of the Küntscher Society. The Society consists of volunteers only and they have no relations with any company. But we had some delays in constructing the course program because of some lack of communication among the members of the Society. Still, the program has not been finalized yet. You may access the latest version of the course program on our web site.

Currently some guest lecturers are: Michael Sirkin: OTA Representative from USA, David Seligson: President of the Küntscher Society, Hans Stedtfeld: Vice President of the Küntscher Society, Peter Reynders: President of Belgian Orthopedic Trauma Society and Belgian AO Society, George Gouvas: Chairman of the Greek Intramedullary Nailing Society and the organizing committee chairman for the GKS 2011 meeting (Osteosynthese International 2011) in Thessaloniki and Wilhelm Friedl from Germany, Stamatis Paraschou from Greece, Sandor Berki from Hungary and Cebrail Alekbektarov and Elhan Gasimov from Azerbaijan. 7 members of the Küntscher Society are expected to attend but since we have not received their confirmatios yet, we have not added them to the program.

ESTES Past President Pol Rommens and Injury Editor Peter Giannoudis were always with us and supported our course but this year due to their active duties in another meeting at the same date, they will not be with us.

In order to discuss with our foreign guests and to cooperate with them, simultaneous translation will be provided.

Our aim in the 4th Basic and 2nd Advanced Intramedullary Nailing Course that will be organized with international attendance between 13 - 16 January 2011, in Sheraton Hotel Çeşme, will be to have practical workshops as well as theoretical lectures. The practical workshop sets and the sawbones will be determined according to the attendance. In order to ensure high quality workshop sessions, we would like to limit the number of attendance and the ratio of intramedullary nailing sets and the trainers. For that reason we limit the attendance for the basic course as 90, fort he advanced course as 60 this year.

You can access the course web page at to keep up with the program and changes.

We hope to see you in Çeşme

Dr. Kemal Aktuğlu
President TOTBİD Ortopaedic Trauma Branch

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